Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Cousin is Coming for the weekend

Hello Guys,
I am so excited my cousin is coming to visit for the weekend while my Uncle Aaron (Mommies brother) goes out of town. His name is Mako and he looks like a black lab mix. Were not sure what all is in Mr. Mako, but mommie says were gonna test his DNA...whatever that means. When he comes over we get super crazy and can't stop running around the house! Mommie and Uncle Aaron have to separate us sometimes to give us a break! I'm so excited he gets to spend all weekend with me! Mommie promised to take both of us to the dog beach park!

Here is pic of Uncle Aaron and Mako!

Daddie and I been doing alot of lounging around lately! While we wait for bar results!

Mommie made me get a bath after the beach park on Sunday! I use Mr. Ceasers raspberry shampoo!

Ouch mommie too hot!!!

I did not want to participate in the bath! Mommie leave me alone!!! I did have fun at the dog park though! I meet a Mastiff that looks exactly like our bloggy friend MANGO! I really liked following him around, Daddie said I had never seen a dog that big!!! Can't wait to share all the fun Mako and I are gonna have this weekend!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello All!
This weekend I had a pugsitter while mommie and daddie went to a wedding in Melbourne. Mommie brought back a few pics for all you humans who might be interested in seeing the wedding dress and cake because apparently that's the only important things in weddings. It was reported back to mommie and daddie that I stayed by the door for a whole hour and a half after they left and then proceeded to bark at the pugsitter for the another hour. One might think that I had actually missed my parentals, but I just wanted to make sure they were really gone so I could cause a little trouble. Then of course I had to test how much I could push around my pugsitter, and well that's why I barked at him for a full hour. Test complete the house was mine for the whole weekend!
Erin's Wedding Dress

Groom's Cake

Wedding Cake
I had the whole house to myself so I started running around like crazy. I wouldn't let the pugsitter put my harness on! BOL he couldn't figure it out anyway! I would bark and wake up the pugsitter at all hours. He turned out to be okay so I snuggled with him at night, so he wouldn't be scared in our house. When mommie and daddie got home my parentals were debriefed on my antics, but they were too happy to see me to really care. Must be my charming little innocent mug! Isn't it fun when your parents go out of town!!! I had a blast! I sure did wear myself out, I now need a nap!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dusting of this Blog

Hello Puggies and Doggies!

We sure haven't been updating like we wanted to. There have been so many things going on and new changes since our last post. I turned 2 at the end of July....see my lovely pup cake from Frostings Etc. in Tampa. They make the best human and dog cupcakes ever. Mommies favorite is the champagne pear...we need to get a pick of that one! Heaven in your mouth!

I got this one all over the floor!

Mommie got a new camera, so she should be taking better pictures BOL! She did take a beginners photo class at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa. She entered one of her pieces in the Student Showcase and it got picked to be in the museum for awhile...she didn't win anything, but was super excited to even be chosen! Here is the pic below.

Mommie is in love with her Kitchen Aid Mixer, Daddie got it for her last Christmas!

Mommie and I have become obsessed with ETSY!!! It is a great site to buy and sell homemade crafts and art. We have been thinking for a long time about opening a store and well we finally did! We opened in August and it has been taking most of our time trying to figure all the ins and outs. We are super excited to report we have even made some sales our first month! Mommie and I are working on putting up a widget so you can see what we have. Our name is Hug A Pug Studios....named of course after mommies love of pugs!!! We sell custom dog and cat tags. We try to keep them funny and unique. If you like check out our shop Hug A Pug Studios. It is amazing to see what all there is on etsy and hopefully starting soon we will feature other shops and items from etsy. Were thinking maybe do some features of favorites, treasuries, and new shops on etsy. Mommie and I are big shoppers, you should see my toy bin. **Note to self take picture of overflowing toy bin for blog** We aren't kidding. Mommie says I need to donate some to charity because I have too many. I said there is no such thing as too many!!!!

In other news we are sad to report Daddie did not pass the bar back in February, but that's okay because we hear most people don't pass the first time. He has already taken the bar again and were waiting to hear back in late September. Were keeping our paws crossed! We love you daddie!

Well Puggies I think we have talked your ears off long enough for today so were excited to be blogging again. Hope to hear how all you other puggies, doggies and kitties are doing and can't wait to catch up!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dog Beach Park

Hello Puggies!
Momma took me to the Doggie Beach Park today so I would stop bugging Daddie and his study partner to play with me...They only have 3 more days till they take the big BAR test and mommie said I needed to be pooped so i wouldn't annoy them. I was so excited because it hasn't been warm enough to go to the beach park! I had so much fun running around I wasn't even ready to go when momma decided it was time to leave she had to hook me up and drag me out!

I made some friends with some other small doggies. This little beagle puppy was his first time at the doggie park.

I punched him in the face....mommie was none to happy about that.

In other news on Saturday mommie volunteered with the Pug Rescue of Florida at the 13th Annual Pug Parade in Sarasota Florida. I was sad because mommie couldn't take me because she said the puggies in rescue needed to have all the attention on them and that I would just take all of it away because of the little attention hog that I am. I went last year and had a blast, but thats okay because mommie says next year when daddie can go I can come too! Mommie and her friend Nicki even made the Sarasota Herald Tribune!!! That fat little pug she has in her arms is Woody and he is looking for a new home! Mommie said the rescue did really well since it was an all puggie event...lots of people were looking for puggies...they even made lots of dollars with the pug kissing booth! She wish she had more pictures to show you from the pug costume contest...but she had her arms full of puggies all day! If we can find some on the internet in the next few days we will post them...She said she saw a pug sushi table...where the pugs were dressed as sushi rolls....BOL!!! Mommie get me the pics!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Studying for the bar is not a job for the faint of heart! I gots to help my Daddie get the knowledge in his brain.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mango Minster 2010 Competition

So I decided to join Mango's Competition in the Non-Sporting/Bad Sport Group...Mommie said I had lots of bad things to report to our group Judge Ike. I have been thinking about a couple of things she may have meant about this category....Well I could start by saying all paper left in my reach is just asking to be destroyed and I think I provide a valuable service that most companies would charge for. But I am lazy I do like to have my cake and eat it too. I will let my parents know if I'm not satisfied by barking and whining If I don't think they are feeding me enough. Which happens mostly when I see them eating better food then me and of course I have to have a pug taste, which means I am right in your face until you either drop something or give in to my charming pug eyes.Another bad dog quality is my desire to steal from people, dogs, other pugs probably even children if given the chance. I'm not sure why, but even if someone has exactly what I have I think theirs is better and then I need theirs too. I'm a bit of a toy hog I have been know to steal toys from my brother from another mother Jake the Standard Poodle. But really doesn't that just make me a little ham?
I have stold many food items from peoples hands including a drunk girls pizza crust...I know shameful :( I have no regrets about stealing 5 year Gouda cheese!I often don't come when I'm called because well being a pug is just too much fun and I like to run alot in the park...I get very dirty, sandy, and just plain muddy. My Daddie likes to act like he doesn't know me at the park. Look at the disgust and disappointment in his face!This is probably one of the worst, but totally deserved. To get revenge on Daddie for ignoring me at the park I strategically position myself while he sleeps for a P.S.B (Pug Stink Bomb). Okay mommie maybe you were right. I do belong in the Bad Sport Category! I have too much fun being a devious pug!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm Back!!!

and also stuck in the couch!
I have been M.I.A for way to long. Somehow the parentals get supper busy during the Howlidays and my little bloggie gets put aside, but we are BACK!!! Whoo hoo 2010 and January is almost over! I know you missed my cute little puggie face!
So just to catch up...... My Howliday Photo by the Tree!!!
Mommie and Daddie and I's Christmas picture! I had a lovely Orange and Blue scarf! Go Gators! I know what your doesn't get cold enough for scarfs in Florida, but we had two weeks of very freezing about not wanting to go outside for the bathroom!!! Luckily we are back in the 70's wheww this pug can't handle the cold!
Daddie Graduwated from Law School and now is hard at work studying for the Bar...I just don't understand why he has to study for drinks?!?! But I keep him nice and cozy while he is working...making sure to eat a few index cards just to keep him on his toes!
Life is tough when your a pug and studying for Bars is awfully boring so I prefer to curl up and take a little snooze.Mommie and I have lots of fun stuff coming up...especially pug related! If your in the Tampa area or even in good old Florida keep posted for fun puggie events whoo hooo!!! I am so glad to back to bloggin and catching up with my favorite poochie friends!