Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mango Minster 2010 Competition

So I decided to join Mango's Competition in the Non-Sporting/Bad Sport Group...Mommie said I had lots of bad things to report to our group Judge Ike. I have been thinking about a couple of things she may have meant about this category....Well I could start by saying all paper left in my reach is just asking to be destroyed and I think I provide a valuable service that most companies would charge for. But I am lazy I do like to have my cake and eat it too. I will let my parents know if I'm not satisfied by barking and whining If I don't think they are feeding me enough. Which happens mostly when I see them eating better food then me and of course I have to have a pug taste, which means I am right in your face until you either drop something or give in to my charming pug eyes.Another bad dog quality is my desire to steal from people, dogs, other pugs probably even children if given the chance. I'm not sure why, but even if someone has exactly what I have I think theirs is better and then I need theirs too. I'm a bit of a toy hog I have been know to steal toys from my brother from another mother Jake the Standard Poodle. But really doesn't that just make me a little ham?
I have stold many food items from peoples hands including a drunk girls pizza crust...I know shameful :( I have no regrets about stealing 5 year Gouda cheese!I often don't come when I'm called because well being a pug is just too much fun and I like to run alot in the park...I get very dirty, sandy, and just plain muddy. My Daddie likes to act like he doesn't know me at the park. Look at the disgust and disappointment in his face!This is probably one of the worst, but totally deserved. To get revenge on Daddie for ignoring me at the park I strategically position myself while he sleeps for a P.S.B (Pug Stink Bomb). Okay mommie maybe you were right. I do belong in the Bad Sport Category! I have too much fun being a devious pug!


Mango said...

Excellent bad sport behavior. I am especially fond of the stink bomb position. Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Haha oh Dutch! Hmm I thought that was all typical pug behaviour?

Dog Foster Mom said...

Good job Dutch! You have really figured out how to get those humans to let you be a bad sport and have fun doing it!

Your Bad Sport friend,