Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dog Beach Park

Hello Puggies!
Momma took me to the Doggie Beach Park today so I would stop bugging Daddie and his study partner to play with me...They only have 3 more days till they take the big BAR test and mommie said I needed to be pooped so i wouldn't annoy them. I was so excited because it hasn't been warm enough to go to the beach park! I had so much fun running around I wasn't even ready to go when momma decided it was time to leave she had to hook me up and drag me out!

I made some friends with some other small doggies. This little beagle puppy was his first time at the doggie park.

I punched him in the face....mommie was none to happy about that.

In other news on Saturday mommie volunteered with the Pug Rescue of Florida at the 13th Annual Pug Parade in Sarasota Florida. I was sad because mommie couldn't take me because she said the puggies in rescue needed to have all the attention on them and that I would just take all of it away because of the little attention hog that I am. I went last year and had a blast, but thats okay because mommie says next year when daddie can go I can come too! Mommie and her friend Nicki even made the Sarasota Herald Tribune!!! That fat little pug she has in her arms is Woody and he is looking for a new home! Mommie said the rescue did really well since it was an all puggie event...lots of people were looking for puggies...they even made lots of dollars with the pug kissing booth! She wish she had more pictures to show you from the pug costume contest...but she had her arms full of puggies all day! If we can find some on the internet in the next few days we will post them...She said she saw a pug sushi table...where the pugs were dressed as sushi rolls....BOL!!! Mommie get me the pics!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Studying for the bar is not a job for the faint of heart! I gots to help my Daddie get the knowledge in his brain.