Monday, December 8, 2008

Pug Graduates

Ohh Boy Puggies I graduated from puppy class today!!! I got my certificate and a bandanna from Pet Co. I also got lots of goodies from my teacher, I like to show her how good I can sit because she gives me cookies!!! So now I can sit, stay, lie down, leave it, and I walk much better on my leash. Puppy school was so fun I will miss my two friends Nokie and Scout :(

Mommy was so proud she made me pose with my certificate

I can sit really good

I'm tired mommie give me my cookies!!!

Teacher also gave my my new favorite ball! I played with it so much when I got home I lost it and I asked mommie to help me find it. We looked everywhere and it was no where to be found. Mommie gave up, but 30 minutes later I had found it. She still has no idea where I put it hehehehehe.

No ball you come back here!

Mommy made me help her with Christmas decorations this week...

...mommie said I had to look festive while we decorate... ugh she crazy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pug goes to Pugsgiving

Ohh boy Puggies!
Its been too long and I've had tons of adventures to start telling you about. I did make it to pugsgiving a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing!!! I meet so many other pugs and was ogled by everyone there! My mommy and daddy couldn't get through the crowd without ohhs and ahhs how cute is he!!! People wanted my picture I was even on captured on video by the reporter man! I am a star indeed! Well I was getting so much attention I forget about my costume contest appearance, its okay I have to give some face time to my subjects so it was okay. Mommy was a little disappointed she didn't win any raffles :( and so was I, I need more treats around this joint. I did participate in the relay race, but I was so distracted by the other huge pugs that I choose to spice things up a little and distract other puggies in the race. Well here are some pics from my big day...

Look this pug even had is own transportation

Little kids love me and I love them, they are my size.

Yes I will pose for a photo op.

Look at this pugs Bucks jersey, pretty sweet....mommy will Santa bring me Gators jersey for Christmas?

I even got a cookie, by the end of the day I was one tired little puggie, I passed out in the car ride home.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey Puggies! I loves spending time with my Daddie! He plays wit me.
He lets me stay up late and I likes to falls asleep on him.
I'm feeling a little sleepy right now...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pug goes to school

Hello Puggies,
Dutch here, destroying my leather football mommie got me in honor of the gators going strong this football season. She tells me when I get a little bigger, I will get the bestest Gator jersey a pug could ask for. I hope it doesn't make me look stupid! Well Mommie, Daddie and I will not be attending UF vs. SC this weekend instead we are doing something way kewler! WE ARE ALL GOING TO PUGSGIVING!!! I'm sooo excited to meet puggies and play with them. I haven't gotten to play with a puggie since leaving my puggie brothers and sister. Pugsgiving is being put on by the Pug Rescue of Florida. We are going to help support other puggies in need! I had no idea there were puggies in need of homes, who wouldn't want a snuggly pug to keep you company? Maybe I can find a brother or sister to bring home and play with me. I know mommie and daddie won't be on the same page with me right now, so I might have to be crafty and smuggle a puggie in on the car ride back. There will be lots of activities and raffles. Mommie says I may have to enter in the costume contest with my superPug outfit.
I also recently started attending puppy school, I have meet two other puppies, one golden retriever, and a cockapoo. The retriever is lots of fun, but the cockapoo is kind of shy. I try to jump all over him and well he does not appreciate me! Come on, who couldn't love this face?

Well gots to go, I'm spending the night at Daddies place, I must protect him from the buggie monsters!Later Puggies!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pug goes to School

Hey Puggies!
Tonight was my first puppy class at Petco. I meet a pretty little golden retriever puppy. Apparently we weren't suppose to be there at the first class, but mommie didn't know, oops! I got a new Christmas reindeer stuffy (I think I will call him Rudolf), treats, and a bone thanks to my teachers recommendations. YUMMY stuff, I can't wait to go back. The teacher used me to demonstrate the look command, I mastered it already, give me something hard already puhlease!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ohh Boy What a Weekend!

Hey Puggies!
I had a big weekend. My parents decided to leave me with their friend this weekend, while they had pawty up in Jacksonville to watch the Florida Georgia game. So I had a sleep over and had a good time with out them at DT's house! I enjoyed the kiddies in her neighborhood. But I have to catch everyone up on the weekend before! Mommy took me with her to the pumpkin patch for the Humane Society. Here I am in the car ride over. I was so popular the whole day. Kids and adults kept stopping mommie to fawn over me and ask questions about me. I even kissed a baby in his buggie!
Mommie had lunch at Nature's Table, I tried to share with her, but that meanie told me NO!
After lunch we headed to my new favorite store, Downtown Dogs! I proceeded to pull everything off the shelves. Mommie was horrified when I grabed a large stuffy pheasant toy and continued to destroy it on the floor. Mommie just said well I guess I will be buying that. Next time I will grab as much as I can off the shelves before I leave! Mommy also could not resist and bought me my very first costume. I've never worn clothes before and didn't mind it too much. After all I left the store in my new superman costume and got lots of attention on the streets. Super Pug!!!

Everyone at the pumpkin patch was taking photos with their kids, mommie of course had to give it a try with me. I was not being too cooperative.
Ahh that's a little bit better.Mommie and her roomies posing by the fountain, with their sexy stud!

Mommie even got herself a costume, she said something about us being matching pirates in February, but I have no idea what that crazy woman is talking about.All in all I had a huge day, got a stuffy toy bigger than me, found lots of new people to have fawn over me, and gots a costume for hallows weenie. I was soo pooped I feel asleep in the car. Well puggies I think I am going to call it a night!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pug goes to the VET

Hello Puggies, last Friday mommy an daddy took me to see the VET. Here I am before the nice Dr. Lady came in to see me.

Everything was going fine till the vet techs took me away to trim my nails. Mommy said she could here me squealing like a pig from the next room. Then the nice Dr. Lady gave me treats which I gobbled up instantly, but then that sneaky woman gave me two shots in my back and my butt before I knew what had happened. I was in mommies arms before I started crying, those little suckers stung! And you know what I blame mommie, because It didn't hurt until she held me. Maybe I will peez on her bed later.
Later puggies!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I loves me kong!!!

I will get you kong

Grrrr...come here!

You can not hide!

I will dig you out!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Small Puggies Fit Almost Anywhere

What's up puggies? It's me Dutch just hanging out chewing on a fuzzy tennis ball as Mommie helps me with my blog. Since I'm so small Mommie and Daddy find it funny to put me in odd things.
Like a mailbox...
Please don't mail me, I promise not to peez on your bed again!

And a Boot....
What did I do to deserve this?
A Pocket.....
A Bag....

Well I think you get the picture. This mug is not amused.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I saw my BIG Brudder!

Hey peoples I got to see my big brudder from another mother this Saturday. He is Daddy's parents standard poodle and his name is Jake. Mommy and Daddy were very worried about us being together. Apparently Jake is known for being a KILLER....what? No, he was scared of little ole me the first time we meet! Jake has a track record for killing little things that move: squirrels, birds, even while on the leash in trendy areas about town. Not your typical prissy poodle.

Humm poodles don't seem menacing at all with there puffy head and tail, Jake likes to watch and follow me around when I come to visit at his house, that's because I'm so awesome! Mommy and Daddy were so relieved that he did not mistake me for a squirrel or rat. Silly Mommy and Daddy I am not afraid of anything. Jake tried to get me to play chase with him, but instead I enjoyed some of Jake's lovely toys while my parents watched the Gators pound LSU. Here I am using mommy as a couch.

Here is us hanging out pool side for a family pic

Good Night Puggies!!!