Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ohh Boy What a Weekend!

Hey Puggies!
I had a big weekend. My parents decided to leave me with their friend this weekend, while they had pawty up in Jacksonville to watch the Florida Georgia game. So I had a sleep over and had a good time with out them at DT's house! I enjoyed the kiddies in her neighborhood. But I have to catch everyone up on the weekend before! Mommy took me with her to the pumpkin patch for the Humane Society. Here I am in the car ride over. I was so popular the whole day. Kids and adults kept stopping mommie to fawn over me and ask questions about me. I even kissed a baby in his buggie!
Mommie had lunch at Nature's Table, I tried to share with her, but that meanie told me NO!
After lunch we headed to my new favorite store, Downtown Dogs! I proceeded to pull everything off the shelves. Mommie was horrified when I grabed a large stuffy pheasant toy and continued to destroy it on the floor. Mommie just said well I guess I will be buying that. Next time I will grab as much as I can off the shelves before I leave! Mommy also could not resist and bought me my very first costume. I've never worn clothes before and didn't mind it too much. After all I left the store in my new superman costume and got lots of attention on the streets. Super Pug!!!

Everyone at the pumpkin patch was taking photos with their kids, mommie of course had to give it a try with me. I was not being too cooperative.
Ahh that's a little bit better.Mommie and her roomies posing by the fountain, with their sexy stud!

Mommie even got herself a costume, she said something about us being matching pirates in February, but I have no idea what that crazy woman is talking about.All in all I had a huge day, got a stuffy toy bigger than me, found lots of new people to have fawn over me, and gots a costume for hallows weenie. I was soo pooped I feel asleep in the car. Well puggies I think I am going to call it a night!

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