Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pug Has Photos Taken

Hello Puggeies!

I recently got sprung from the doggie hotel, where mommy and daddy dropped me off along with Uncle Jake while they jetted off to Colorado for a ski trip. They forgot a crucial little package with them a.k.a. me! They even saw a big handicap helper lab dog in the plane, I totally could have fit under the seat in front of them. Anywhos when they came back I had made tons of friends and a couple of girlfriends during puppy daycare. Uncle Jake didn't have as much fun as I did. I gained weight and he lost five pounds! Here is a pic of mommy and daddy withouts me :(

In other recent news I recently participated in a Pug Parade in Sarasota. I entered a contest with a costume mommy made for me. I went as a hunting pug, I didn't win anything but I did get my picture taken and I was in a newspaper. Mommy and Daddy made friends with another couple who had a lovely pug and pit. They are sending us the picture in the paper so we can see it. I will have to upload more pics of costume when mommy decides to upload my pics.

I do have however some nice pictures taken by my Daddies friend. They are professionally done!

Pretty spiffy I do say so myself!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pug is a Baby

Hi puggies,
Mommie is been kind of sad latley, she lost her job to the economies, but I am a super happy pug because now she spends all day with me! I try to cheer her up with my puggie kisses! Last night
I fell asleep on mommy becuase she was in my spot....
....recently I have been helping mommie with her jewelry business she is trying to start. I said I would be top model, so far mommie has said no, but I'm sure she will come to her senses and let me model her jewels.
I also just got switched over to Innova dog food, and I loves it much better than my puppy chow. She knew I would like Innova because I often steal it from my Uncle Jake. Since my poodle uncle doesn't eat his whole bowl when given (crazy if you ask me) I take it upon myself to finish it. Thats what good nephews are for!

Ohh and check out my new Gator hoodie, I loves the Gators!!!

Uncle Jake and I got matching Gator sweaters!

I will leave you puggies with one of me and my mommies most greatest memories. This is was the first photo ever taken of me and mommie. Her and my daddy (mommies BF) came up from Tampa to come get my from my first home in Archer. I was sleeping when they arrived and slept the whole way home in mommies lap. As I do many days still. Good night pugs!