Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pug goes to school

Hello Puggies,
Dutch here, destroying my leather football mommie got me in honor of the gators going strong this football season. She tells me when I get a little bigger, I will get the bestest Gator jersey a pug could ask for. I hope it doesn't make me look stupid! Well Mommie, Daddie and I will not be attending UF vs. SC this weekend instead we are doing something way kewler! WE ARE ALL GOING TO PUGSGIVING!!! I'm sooo excited to meet puggies and play with them. I haven't gotten to play with a puggie since leaving my puggie brothers and sister. Pugsgiving is being put on by the Pug Rescue of Florida. We are going to help support other puggies in need! I had no idea there were puggies in need of homes, who wouldn't want a snuggly pug to keep you company? Maybe I can find a brother or sister to bring home and play with me. I know mommie and daddie won't be on the same page with me right now, so I might have to be crafty and smuggle a puggie in on the car ride back. There will be lots of activities and raffles. Mommie says I may have to enter in the costume contest with my superPug outfit.
I also recently started attending puppy school, I have meet two other puppies, one golden retriever, and a cockapoo. The retriever is lots of fun, but the cockapoo is kind of shy. I try to jump all over him and well he does not appreciate me! Come on, who couldn't love this face?

Well gots to go, I'm spending the night at Daddies place, I must protect him from the buggie monsters!Later Puggies!!!

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