Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I saw my BIG Brudder!

Hey peoples I got to see my big brudder from another mother this Saturday. He is Daddy's parents standard poodle and his name is Jake. Mommy and Daddy were very worried about us being together. Apparently Jake is known for being a KILLER....what? No, he was scared of little ole me the first time we meet! Jake has a track record for killing little things that move: squirrels, birds, even while on the leash in trendy areas about town. Not your typical prissy poodle.

Humm poodles don't seem menacing at all with there puffy head and tail, Jake likes to watch and follow me around when I come to visit at his house, that's because I'm so awesome! Mommy and Daddy were so relieved that he did not mistake me for a squirrel or rat. Silly Mommy and Daddy I am not afraid of anything. Jake tried to get me to play chase with him, but instead I enjoyed some of Jake's lovely toys while my parents watched the Gators pound LSU. Here I am using mommy as a couch.

Here is us hanging out pool side for a family pic

Good Night Puggies!!!

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