Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Cousin is Coming for the weekend

Hello Guys,
I am so excited my cousin is coming to visit for the weekend while my Uncle Aaron (Mommies brother) goes out of town. His name is Mako and he looks like a black lab mix. Were not sure what all is in Mr. Mako, but mommie says were gonna test his DNA...whatever that means. When he comes over we get super crazy and can't stop running around the house! Mommie and Uncle Aaron have to separate us sometimes to give us a break! I'm so excited he gets to spend all weekend with me! Mommie promised to take both of us to the dog beach park!

Here is pic of Uncle Aaron and Mako!

Daddie and I been doing alot of lounging around lately! While we wait for bar results!

Mommie made me get a bath after the beach park on Sunday! I use Mr. Ceasers raspberry shampoo!

Ouch mommie too hot!!!

I did not want to participate in the bath! Mommie leave me alone!!! I did have fun at the dog park though! I meet a Mastiff that looks exactly like our bloggy friend MANGO! I really liked following him around, Daddie said I had never seen a dog that big!!! Can't wait to share all the fun Mako and I are gonna have this weekend!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hi Dutch!

Just want to give you a lil advice with big your head buddy! I got peed on (right in the face) when I was following a big dog around at the park. Mom said the face i made was priceless....lets just say it ends with another bath you dislike.

Clean hugs,

Simply Pug said...

Hey Dutch! We're Baby and Lucy pugs from Florida as well. We live about 45 minutes away from you. We are so happy to hear another pug from the same state. We don't know where to click to follow you but if there was a button then we would be quick to follow. We love the looks of this pug blog after we pawed right through it.
Please take Sequoia's advice. Being peed on the face can end up with some serious side affects like "eww-idis" or "oh-no-itis!"

Heather and Walter said...

I love the clothes mountain and I LOVE the expression on Dutch in the tub. Like wtf!!!

pawsdoc said...

Hi Dutch,

My name is LadyBug and I'm a pug too - I'm a pretty diva-licious pug who's just started her very first blog. Please click follow for me whenever you have a chance! Have a great time with that big-ol dog. He might be lil now but he will catch up to you soon...and then *whisper* might get bigger than you. But hey, who's to say big dogs aren't fun. My best friend is a German Shepherd and his name is Tristan.