Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pug Goes to PetCo

Hey Puggies,
I went to PetCo yesterday because my Puppia harness broke. This is my second Puppia harness to break in 4 months and Daddy said that was it. He told mommy he refused to pay $30 dollars for a harness from the doggie boutique, so to Mommies dismay we gots me a new harness.

This is my new harness in black, mommie preffers my Puppia below.

I got tired at PetCo so I took a break on the nice fleece snuggies.

Mommy said today when we went to the vet I'm no longer a puppy so now I get big boys food. I am now on K-9 Adult Innova and I lurvs it!


Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Dutch!! How did you break your harnesses? I have one puppia, another puppia imitation and my buddy belt (the black leather one). I think you will like the buddy belt, the only problem is that it is more expensive than puppia so I would recommend you getting it when you are full grown. I wear size #6. Check their websites or on local stores, the smaller the size the cheapest they are. Good luck and congrats to your mom for getting the job!

Rosie said...

Hi Dutch - My mom got my puppia harness on ebay for $19.99 with free shipping and it was brand new - have your mom have a look see for a new one :)
Happy Shopping!