Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pug Goes to the Park

Hello Puggies
I am totally pooped today. Mommie and I went to a new park yesterday and I am exhausted. I played with some big doggies, was intimidated by some huge German Shepards and dug holes with a rat terrier. There was a puddle I kept trying to lay down in to get kewl, but mommie kept yelling at me "NO", no no no is her favorite word I think. Afterwards we started to take a walk through the park, after 30 feet I decided I had enough of this exercise business and laid down. Mommie then picked me up and carried me like a baby all the way back to the car. I have this woman wrapped around my paw.
I am excited this weekend is a pug meetup, I've only been once before, but it is crazy so many pugs. I will make mommie take lots of pictures.
Snore Ya Later!

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